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Fire pit cover has been around for centuries and is an ideal place to spend time with friends and family. The old brick fireplaces have been replaced with newer elegant design. One of the more modern look of brass combs is stone – marble, granite, travertine or slate. You do not have to replace your fireplace to achieve design. By laying stone over the top of the brick, your fireplace will take a whole new look without the cost of a new fireplace.


Clean the stove with a detergent soap and brush and rinse it several times with clean water. Wipe fire pit cover carefully with dry rags. The tile must be free of soot and other dirt so that the thin-set mortar attaches properly. Measure in front of the fireplace to determine the size of the stone you need. Buy the kind of stone you want in small plates. Small stone slabs are cheap and easier to work with than larger tiles. Measure and cut the slices with wet saw to fit the head and sides of the stove. Measure and cut a piece for the hardener, if you cover it too.

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Lay down the stone plate for the hardener first. Apply a layer of fire pit cover adhesive to the underside of the plate and place it on top of the existing hardening. Push it firmly to remove any plaque in the adhesive and any air bubbles. Apply glue to side plates. Place the slabs on each side of the fireplace, placing the ends right up against the hardened plate. Place the head flat on last used the same method.

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