Oil Rubbed Bronze Door Knobs Treated Option

Oil Rubbed Bronze Door Knobs – Oil rubbed bronze knobs are attended with a patina that gives knobs an classic look, which is increased with natural types. Never use strong solvents or aggressive cleaning techniques to clean rubbed bronze, as it can easily carry the patina. Instead, use gentle methods and solutions that do not damage the rubbed bronze. Clean the rubbed bronze every two or three months. A variety of chemical products are applied to metals, namely brass, to achieve an oiled finish.

RUB a clean cloth over the oil rubbed bronze door knobs. Rub in circular motions to remove as much dirt, dust, and dirt from them as you can. Pay special attention to cracks where they may have accumulated pollutants. The medium pressure of use but not rubbing too much. Erase mineral oil in the rubbed bronze knobs with a cloth to remove any buildup that you were not able to remove. Do not apply too much mineral oil or rub too much as you could use the patina.

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Pat excess mineral oil with a clean cloth. Apply a dime-sized amount of beeswax to the doorknob. RUB beeswax on the oil rubbed bronze door knobs with the cloth. Rub in circular movements until it covers the entire knob. This layer of wax will prevent the handle from staining and scratching. Buff excess wax off with a clean cloth. Applying too much wax can make the door knob feel greasy.

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