What Is Fireplace Grate

Fireplace grate, a new query in our blog of fireplaces interested in knowing about the utility and what are the chimney grilles that are placed on the sides of the bell in the chimneys of work . If we have ever looked at the detail in wood fireplaces with hoods and hoods, we would have noticed that most of them usually have grilles on the sides both under the covering and up in the chimney hood or in the chimney the front or the sides of it.

These fireplace grate serve for ventilation of the interior of the chimney lining. Allowing us on the one hand to take advantage of the heat that would be inside the hood if it did not have grilles for ventilation chimneys and on the other hand avoiding that the internal over temperature could burst the work or crack it.

Because as we know the cold air is heavier than the hot one, and therefore it is closer to the ground, and as the fireplace grate heats upwards, at that altitude the cold air enters through these grooves due to an absorption effect caused by the hot air which generates inside the hood the chimney when it is on.

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